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The Ride of My Life Blog – 1-16-2022

It has been some time since I last wrote about what’s been going on. I was full into prep mode and Complex PTSD flashback mode over some things like leaving and saying goodbye to friends. I didn’t feel I was in a place to share, so I didn’t. I am doing much better at this

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The Ride of My Life Poetry – 1-7-2022

Time to Fly!   Where are you going? I know it’s time, I’m being guided from hearing the Divine, Following my heart, so deep, so true, To recognize things, I always knew.   Everything in my life has brought me here, To learn about trust and release the fear, To know that deep down inside

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 1-3-2022

Here we are! The first workday in the new year! I had an incredibly deep and relaxing weekend with just a few hiccups. Today is the first day of prepping to leave. I am still very excited and still a little scared, but it isn’t about the ride, it is about the changes. Having and

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 12-31-2021 New Year’s Eve – Year in Review

Wow, to start and end here is huge. I have been reflecting over the past year in the past couple of days, actually 2 years, because of everything we all have gone through. There appears to be a lot of suffering with the events happening. Really if you look at history, it isn’t much different.

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 12-27-2021

Well, I can honestly say I did not think this would have moments of being ridiculously difficult to work through some of this old, deep trauma. The time I spent over the past couple of months working on digitizing my kids’ photos really brought up stuff for me. The combination of that, Christmas and preparing

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 12-24-2021 Christmas Eve

I have been running through some things in my heart and my body that have put a lot of fear in me as I walk through this experiment of The Ride of My Life. It really is what the name states. Know that I am reflecting on what is going on, these things dissipate and

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 12-21-2021

I see as the days pass, and I get closer to leaving how much more this challenges the deep locked in trauma I have carried in my life from abandonment. The deep wounding from the birth and childhood traumas are really coming to the surface and it’s really tearing me apart like two kids fighting

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 12-18-2021

Well, I’m getting closer to the date I will be heading out. I have a deep knowing and validations after 3 conversations I have had with a couple of friends over the last two days, that I am ok. It took a minute, but I am feeling much better. I find it interesting that the

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 12-15-2021

An enriching and grieving last few days. Emotions are shifting again and feelings coming to the surface with the changes going on. The feeling of my feelings of sadness and loss were so deep, but they didn’t last that long. Seems whatever I am doing is really shifting the trauma. I am a total witness

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The Ride of My Life Blog – 12-12-2021

A lot of changes going on. One of the biggest things for me is the 3rd anniversary of my mother’s death which is tomorrow and the anniversary of my former partner’s ex-wife and his 8-year-old daughter’s mother’s death from cancer one year ago today. That whole year was a trying time and the culmination of

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