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Day 191 – 10-16-2021 – My Debt Has Been Paid

For years and years, I continued to fear, Losing people that I held dear, And on those days when I found out, The people I held close to my heart, did not have the same vow. I loved them deeply and could not see, Why those feelings quickly left them, for me, I thought I

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Day 190 – 10-15-2021 – Hope vs Fear

I do not know what’s happening here, I feel a loss and here comes a tear, The sadness felt is deep within, I just don’t know from whence it came. Some days as I heal through my life, this comes, I feel the pain for others when something becomes, Heavier to most, they cannot bear,

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Day 189 – 10-14-2021 – You Too Can Be Free

When I was little, I once knew, How to envision life and see it through, I imagined traveling through the creek, And pretending it was a powerful river in Mozambique. Africa, Bimini, New Zealand too, My travels took me, in my mind, to view, The expansiveness of my childhood dreams, To travel the world with

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Day 188 – 10-13-2021 – Life Beneath the Surface

Life beneath the surface, so much I cannot see, My body holds the trauma, and I could not foresee, Because it was the feelings coming to the surface, that were stuck in there for years, And not the truth of who I am, I was constantly in tears. I could literally feel the pain in

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Day 187 – 10-12-2021 The Universe Tests Again

Over the weekend, I was full of hope, That the ah-hah moments gave me scope, I walked through lessons of anger and shame, And once I was through felt peace again. This roller coaster ride, you see, Is the way this process is meant to be, Feeling the highs and feeling the lows, What ends

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Day 186 – 10-11-2021 – Release = Peace

Who’da thunk that I would find? To clear what no longer serves, out of my mind, Would get me to a place of peace, That I move forward from release. I have felt stuck for many years, Living my life from deep seated fears, And since doing all this healing work, At 27 years old,

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Day 185 – 10-10-2021 – Ah-hah Moments and Major Shifts

Yesterday, I talked about this really powerful release I had. I was blown away by it. It’s a long one and it has changed my life. But that doesn’t even come close to the ah-hah moments I woke up to this morning. This is so incredible for me because not only am I learning about

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Day 182 – 10-7-2021 – Her Life She Commands

There was a time when all I could see, Was the bad little girl inside of me, I thought she was good because she tried so hard, When she tried to connect, they would discard. I have found that with her personality, She was as powerful as can be, But not many in her past

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