Watch 5 Incredibly Powerful Ways to Heal the Nervous System from Trauma

The way to move forward from feeling stuck is to Heal the Nervous System from Trauma.
Trauma gets stuck in our nervous system. It happens when feelings come up during these experiences that we don’t know at the time the trauma occurred, how to deal with. Our stress response goes into action to protect us from these traumas.
As we get older, more traumas happen and they stack to become Complex Trauma or Complex PTSD.
I have found that the older we get, the harder it is for us to deal with these energies in our nervous system and how they present themselves in our lives.
When we work to heal the nervous system from trauma, we follow along with a spiritual awakening. It all goes together.
Even with therapy, unless we release these energies that are stuck in the body and heal the nervous system from truama, we tend to struggle with life.
The way out of this is to go inside. Heal the nervous system from trauma. Get unstuck.
You’ve got this!
I invite you to recognize yourself in me and see that you too can shift and find your Peace and your Freedom!

I create through my own healing and contribution globally to new consciousness through my spiritual growth. I am, through my way of being in the world – birthing a new awareness by healing the human heart and bringing it back into balance with nature. Learning to receive is the answer for greater human evolution and expansion.

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Healing is best done in partnership…

I understand what it’s like to be a highly sensitive, empathic person who has experienced trauma AND inner peace.

Throughout my healing process, I came to realize that the trauma I experienced and the Complex PTSD that ensued was actually locked in my nervous system. With Cognitive Therapy done for most of my life, I was able to understand what was going on. Yet my body would react to situations that occurred, and I couldn’t figure out why.

I logically knew that I was safe, but I would have an immediate anxiety attack and my body would start to go into a stress response. People would tell me to “relax” (which did not help or work) and I constantly felt I had no control over myself. As a result, that feeling of being out of control created a Protective Mechanism for me to control things through codependency.

It became a viscous cycle.

I also tried to meditate, breathe, relax, connect to a Higher Power; all of the things I was searching for throughout my life and was just not able to do. I could not figure out why… until I did. I realized that my knowledge of what was going on, what to do, how to do it, etc., was great.

The challenge… getting my nervous system to regulate so I could feel peace. Only then would I be able to heal the Protective Mechanisms I created… and yes, there were plenty of them.

That’s when I decided to focus mostly on bodywork with some cognitive work mixed in. As a result, I was able to release the stuck energies in my nervous system so I could finally breathe, meditate and relax.

From there, I began to feel the peace inside me.

Most of us that have been traumatized with highly sensitive nervous systems will have trouble attaining and feeling peace.

Until you recognize what is happening and work to release the traumatic energies from your nervous system where they are literally stuck, you will feel stuck in your life.

If you think you are empathic or highly sensitive, I can assist you in discovering what is going on, empowering yourself and transforming your life to attain and keep your peace. Just like I am doing with mine. I work with healers as well.

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