Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching 

How I Can Provide Guidance on Your Healing Journey

With Transformational Coaching, I provide guidance for you through your healing journey to raise your vibration and spiritually awaken. Your transformation from feeling stuck begins as I help you awaken to your inner truth and guide you… back to you, to begin clear out the energies of the traumas that are blocking you. This will allow you to return you to the truth of who you are. You will begin to see what your potentials are and what you are capable of doing, including your spiritual gifts, creativity, and how to manifest these in the world.

Agnimile Purohitam (Sanskrit) – Surrender to the Fire of Transformation

You Are Meant To Be Here

To Discover. To Uncover. To Release. To Heal. To Empower. To Transform.

I am a master at holding a safe and sacred space for you to do your healing. I hold the space with empathy, connection, love and without judgement.

I guide you to break through what is keeping you “stuck” so you can realize the truth about yourself, gain clarity and find freedom.

I have found ways to do in a shorter amount of time, what took me over 30 years to work through and heal on myself. In a healing partnership with me, I share from research and personal experience. And… this is a healing journey; I am still doing the healing work for my Soul every day.

What is the goal of Transformation?

For you to realize who you are as a sovereign being and shift your life to find freedom.

I work with you in this healing partnership to bring you to the next level, as you recognize the truth of yourself in order to expand yourself and your life.

Let’s connect and do this together to create this healing partnership.

The guidance I provide is through the Body, Mind, and Spirit, but it doesn’t stop there. The power of healing rests in the soul and the soul lives at the bottom of our breath.

Healing Partnership

“The power of healing rests in the soul and the soul lives at the bottom of our breath.”

Healing is best done in partnership…

I understand what it’s like to be an old soul, highly sensitive, empathic person who has experienced trauma AND found freedom. Find out HERE if you are a Highly Sensitive Person.

Throughout my own healing process, I came to realize that the trauma I experienced and the Complex PTSD that ensued was actually locked in my nervous system. With Cognitive Therapy done for most of my life, I was able to understand what was going on. Yet my body would react to situations that occurred and I couldn’t figure out why. I logically knew that I was safe, but I would have an immediate anxiety attack and my body would start to go into a stress response. People would tell me to “relax” (which did not help or work) and I constantly felt I had no control over myself. As a result, that feeling of being out of control created a Protective Mechanism for me to control things through codependency. It became a viscous cycle.

I also tried to meditate, breathe, relax, connect to a Higher Power; all of the things I was searching for throughout my life and was just not able to do. I could not figure out why… until I did. I realized that my knowledge of what was going on, what to do, how to do it, etc., was great. The challenge… getting my nervous system to regulate so I could feel peace. Only then would I be able to heal the Protective Mechanisms I created… and yes, there were plenty of them.

That’s when I decided to focus mostly on bodywork with some cognitive work mixed in. As a result, I was able to release the stuck energies in my nervous system so I could finally breathe, meditate and relax. From there, I began to feel the peace inside me.

Most of us that have been traumatized with highly sensitive nervous systems will have trouble finding our way through this maze. Until you recognize what is happening and work to release the traumatic energies from your nervous system where they are literally stuck, you will feel stuck in your life.

If you or someone you know is an old soul, highly sensitive and/or an empath, I can assist in discovering what is going on, guide you to empower yourself and transform your life to find the freedom you so desire.

I invite you to recognize yourself in me and see that you too can shift and find your Freedom.

When we don’t do our healing work, life will get more challenging the older we get because the energies from trauma are still stuck in our bodies. They will cause dis-ease, mental frustration, anxiety, depression, the list goes on. As a society we tend to turn to medication and this work will assist you in alleviating those potentials as consistent, persistent and committed souls.

If you don’t want to continue to feel lost with no direction or sick and tired of being sick and tired, click HERE to schedule your Discovery Call.

Come home to yourself… you’re going to love the feeling of clarity, peace and freedom.

Your healing journey gives the promise of hope and beauty after the storm.



This is your safe space for me to assist you in providing guidance, clarity, insight, understanding and deep healing for anything going on that is pressing in your life. I will guide you to see the root cause of the situation and clear any limiting beliefs at the subconscious and cellular level – often different than what you may have believed it was.

Individual first session is only available for new clients.


Here you will dig even more deeply into what is going on for you and gain more awareness of your truth, find clarity and empower yourself and your life.

I help you awaken to your inner truth and guide you… back to you, to begin clear out what is in the way and return you to the truth of who you are. You will begin to see what your potentials are and who you are capable of being, including spiritual gifts, creativity and how to manifest these in the world.

I will show you how to take the gifts, skills and experiences from your life and guide you to hone in on the work you are here to do.



It’s time… to heal and transform yourself into the truth of who you are and find freedom.

In this 3-month process, you will Uncover and Clear trauma and other things holding you back and keeping you stuck, you will Connect and find Clarity and you will learn to Co-Create Your Life in a powerful way.

Welcome to the Ride of Your Life!

Let’s Join in a Healing Partnership to Discover, Empower, and Transform your entire Life!

“Working with Caroline has helped me find the strength within to heal. She has become a safe place for me, and brings nothing but love, light and wisdom to the conversation, and because of that, working with her has allowed me to find the courage for the first time in my life, to confront my issues and hurt, starting from when I was just a child. Through my journey with Caroline, I have found the worth within to care enough about what I really want and deserve. I am no longer too scared to break free from the guilt of being the version of a person that other people want me to be. I can finally exhale again.”