Transformational Coaching

Trauma Informed Transformational Coaching 

Here’s how I can assist you on your healing journey:

Through Trauma Informed Transformational Coaching, I offer personalized guidance to elevate your vibration and ignite your spiritual awakening. Our journey begins by working with healing nervous system trauma and awakening to your inner truth, as I gently guide you back to your authentic self. Together, we’ll navigate through the energies of trauma that have held you back, clearing the path for you to reconnect with your true essence.

This process will unveil your inherent potentials and capabilities, including your spiritual gifts, creativity, and how to harness these abilities to manifest your desires in the world. As you embark on this transformative journey, you’ll rediscover the truth of who you are and unlock the boundless possibilities that await you.

Agnimile Purohitam (Sanskrit) – Surrender to the Fire of Transformation

You Are Destined To Be Here

To discover. To uncover. To release. To heal. To empower. To transform.

I am a master in creating and holding a safe and sacred space where your healing journey can unfold. With empathy, connection, and unconditional love, I hold space that for you without judgment.

I lead you through the barriers that keep you feeling “stuck,” empowering you to uncover the truth about yourself, gain clarity, and discover freedom.

Through my own journey of over 30 years, I’ve developed techniques that expedite healing. In our partnership, I blend research and lived experience, continuously engaging in my own soul’s healing journey.

What’s the aim of this Transformation?

To recognize your sovereignty and shift towards freedom in your life.

Together, we’ll elevate your journey to the next level, as you embrace your truth and expand both yourself and your life.

Let’s unite and embark on this healing journey together.

My guidance encompasses the Body, Mind, and Spirit, but it doesn’t end there. The essence of healing rests in the soul and the soul lives at the depths of our breath.

Healing Partnership

“The essence of healing rests in the soul and the soul lives at the depths of our breath.”

Healing thrives in partnership…

I understand the journey of being an an old soul, highly sensitive, empathic individual who has traversed trauma and discovered freedom.

Discover HERE if you are a Highly Sensitive Person.

Through my own healing journey, I unearthed that the trauma I endured and the subsequent Complex PTSD were deeply rooted in my nervous system. Despite years of Cognitive Therapy, I grappled with unexplained physical reactions and overwhelming anxiety. Although I logically understood safety, my body would react differently, triggering immediate stress responses. Advice to “just relax” proved fruitless, leading to a sense of helplessness and a spiral into codependency.

Despite my efforts in meditation, breathwork, and connecting to a Higher Power, I couldn’t find solace. It wasn’t until I comprehended the importance of regulating my nervous system that true peace became attainable. By prioritizing bodywork alongside cognitive approaches, I gradually liberated the trapped energies, allowing space for meditation, relaxation, and an internal sense of tranquility.

Many of us with sensitive nervous systems struggle to navigate this journey. Until we acknowledge and release the trapped trauma energies, we remain ensnared in life’s challenges.

Most of us that have been traumatized WITH highly sensitive nervous systems tend to have trouble finding our way through this maze. Until you recognize what is happening and work to release the traumatic energies stuck in your nervous system, you will feel stuck in your life.

If you resonate as an old soul, highly sensitive person, or empath, I offer guidance to uncover and empower yourself, facilitating transformative freedom.

I invite you to see yourself reflected in my journey and recognize the potential for your own shift toward freedom.

Avoiding healing work leads to heightened challenges as we age, as unresolved trauma manifests as dis-ease, mental distress, and more. This approach provides an alternative to medication, offering consistent, committed support to alleviate such potentials.

If you’re tired of feeling lost or drained, schedule your Discovery Call HERE.

Come home to yourself… experience the clarity, peace, and freedom you deserve.

Your healing journey gives the promise of hope and beauty after the storm.



Welcome to your sanctuary, where I am here to support you by offering guidance, clarity, insight, understanding, and profound healing for any pressing issues in your life. Within this safe space, I will lead you to uncover the root cause of your challenges and assist in clearing any limiting beliefs deeply ingrained at the subconscious and cellular level—often revealing truths different from what you may have initially believed.

Please note: The initial session is exclusively available for new clients.


Here, you’ll delve even deeper into your current circumstances, gaining heightened awareness of your truth, finding clarity, and empowering yourself and your life.

I assist you in awakening to your inner truth and guide you on a journey back to yourself, clearing away obstacles and returning you to the core of who you are. Through this process, you’ll uncover your potentials and discover who you’re capable of becoming, embracing your spiritual gifts, creativity, and learning how to manifest them in the world.

I’ll demonstrate how to leverage the gifts, skills, and experiences from your life, guiding you to focus on the work you’re meant to do.



It’s time… to embark on a journey of healing and transformation, reconnecting with the truth of who you are and discovering true freedom.

Over the course of this 3-month program, you will uncover and release trauma and other obstacles that have been holding you back, allowing you to clear your blind spots and break free from stagnation. You will forge meaningful connections and gain clarity, empowering you to co-create your life in a profound and impactful manner.

Welcome to the Ride of Your Life!

Let’s Join in a Healing Partnership to Discover, Empower, and Transform your entire Life!

“Working with Caroline has helped me find the strength within to heal. She has become a safe place for me, and brings nothing but love, light and wisdom to the conversation, and because of that, working with her has allowed me to find the courage for the first time in my life, to confront my issues and hurt, starting from when I was just a child. Through my journey with Caroline, I have found the worth within to care enough about what I really want and deserve. I am no longer too scared to break free from the guilt of being the version of a person that other people want me to be. I can finally exhale again.”