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Are you an Old Soul, Highly Sensitive Person and/or an Empath?

Are you feeling stuck in your life?

Struggling to find your path and direction?

Welcome Old Souls, Highly Sensitives and Empaths, to the magic of healing and inner transformation. I am here to guide you from feeling stuck in your life to unlocking your full potential and creating the life you truly desire. Through my coaching and guidance, you will gain the knowledge, wisdom, and tools to release trauma from your nervous system, transform your reality, tap into your innate power, gain clarity and direction for your life.

Like a magician using the power of fire to burn away what doesn’t serve you, I will guide you through the mystical journey of self-discovery, unlocking the secrets and hidden potential that reside within you. Let’s create magic together and manifest the life of your dreams and help heal our planet.

feeling stuck in your life
feeling stuck in your life


Do you feel stuck? Confused? Are you seeking immediate support?

Book a 60 min Immediate Support Session which includes a 15 min follow up session.

I will hold a safe space to provide guidance, clarity, insight, understanding and deep healing for anything going on that is pressing in your life. I will guide you to see the root cause of the situation and clear any limiting beliefs at the subconscious and cellular level – often different than what you may have believed it was.

Individual first session is only available for new clients. After this session, a minimum 3-session package or your Deep Transformational Package is available for you to move further into your healing journey.

feeling stuck in your life


Ready to expand on what you discovered about yourself in your Immediate Support Session or find out how to begin to fully express your gifts in the world?

This 3-session package will allow you to be supported in digging even more deeply into what is going on for you and gain more awareness of your truth, find clarity and empower yourself and your life.

I help you awaken to your inner truth and guide you… back to you, to begin clear out what is in the way and return you to the truth of who you are. You will begin to see what your potentials are and who you are capable of being, including spiritual gifts, creativity and how to manifest these in the world.

I will show you how to take the gifts, skills and experiences from your life and guide you to hone in on the work you are here to do.

feeling stuck in your life


It’s time… to heal and transform yourself into the truth of who you are.

Transformation doesn’t flow in a linear fashion, although sometimes it appears that way when you see things begin to line up. It can happen at any point during the process, like travelling in a spiral up a mountain. Sometimes you come back to the same spot but this time you have grown and have a different awareness.

In this 3-month process, you will Uncover and Clear trauma and other things holding you back, you will Connect and find Clarity and you will learn to Co-Create Your Life in a powerful way. You will finally experience clarity, peace and freedom.

Welcome to the Ride of Your Life!

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