Watch Actual SPIRITUAL AWAKENING Process Happening for Me NOW

What happens when you ask for what you want and things begin come up to be released to Raise Your Vibration into a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING? It isn’t glamourous and it’s beautiful at the same time.

I posted a video on Spiritual Awakening yesterday while at the same time have been working through some things over the past few days with this new moon.

I have been feeling these energies that have been causing feelings of sadness and frustration within me to come up, ready to be observed and released.

I know many of us are feeling that and I tend to feel what is in the collective as well, as Highly Sensitive and an Empath.

It felt like within this focus on my Spiritual Awakening and sharing the information yesterday with you, I found myself in the middle of a release this morning and felt the need to share what was happening, basically in real time.

I also want to share that RELEASE feels to me like the opposite of STUCK, especially when things start to come up and I am allowing it to happen more and more.

Shifting these energies feel like a really important thing I get to do.

My life gets clearer every time this happens.

I invite you to recognize yourself in me and see that you too can shift and find your Peace and your Freedom!

I create through my own healing and contribution globally to new consciousness through my spiritual growth. I am, through my way of being in the world – birthing a new awareness by healing the human heart and bringing it back into balance with nature. Learning to receive is the answer for greater human evolution and expansion.


Healing is best done in partnership…

I understand what it’s like to be a highly sensitive, empathic person who has experienced trauma AND now clarity, freedom and inner peace.

If you think you are empathic or highly sensitive, I can assist you in discovering what is going on, empowering yourself and transforming your life to attain freedom. I work with healers as well.

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