I have been working with Caroline for over two years now and when she does this work, she really holds my space and allows me to feel safe to share my stories in how she built rapport with me. She creates a safe space that always loving, supportive and nurturing through her body language and words. The process she walked me through at the beginning, always started with the story, which was very helpful, but she gently helped me to realize that it wasn’t about the story and helped me to connect with my own feelings in the present moment. She guided me to see where they originated from – family, friends, childhood experiences. Many times, the stories would lead to my inner child and she immediate saw that and would step into working from that aspect to find my little girl and to walk her through the pain to figure out what it was about. She would take me to the inner child where I could begin to connect the dots on where it was coming from and then she helped me process and let all those feelings eventually be released. Oftentimes there was intense pain, crying, fear, sadness and she stayed very present with me and brought me back and at the end, helped me integrate that into the present moment.

Caroline then gave me tools so I could protect my little girl going forward, how I would set boundaries with people, how I was being triggered by them and showed me how to not be triggered in the future. The more I integrated my inner child, the stronger I felt and through each healing and learning piece, I was able to not repeat the same negative pattern when something came up in my life, instead, I have been able to set my boundaries. I have come to a place where I no longer fear things in the world and now I am coming from a place of empowerment, confidence, security and adulthood, rather than living my life from the place of my scared inner child, decompensation and fear. Caroline is so safe and non-judgmental and didn’t insert herself where it wasn’t healthy, by standing back and allowing me to find the answers for myself.  Shannon, Therapist

It was a pleasure working with Caroline over the last six weeks. She dove deeply into old emotions that stemmed from my childhood that were still affecting me decades later. I chose to work with her because I realized the difference it could make in my life, and knew the cost of not doing this inner work.  I once worked with a therapist over several months and it never went that deep. Nor did I feel as seen as I did with Caroline.

She is very caring and directs the journey with strength. She helped me with immediate questions I had as well about current issues which made all the difference. She can quickly come up with an exercise to do or just be there as true support. Sometimes that in itself makes all the difference to be able to move through life’s curves and not be overwhelmed by them.

Caroline also helped me see some things in a different light which helped me feel calmer. I noticed I had less mind chatter during this time and was able to handle activities and decisions with more trust and peace. This began clearing the way for me to move forward professionally which was important to me.

I’d recommend working with her as soon as you’re ready to clear up what no longer needs to be in your way, and you’re ready to take back your power and joy in life. Some people may need more time with her and it would be worth it, because once you do this work, you free yourself more and more to live the life you really want. J. Rai, Business Consultant

The biggest strength that Caroline has is her empathy and great power straight from her heart. Her ability to hold the space while grief comes up through the process is incredible. Her knowledge of moving the energy through the body during grief is impeccable and really creates the space where healing occurs and connection with your inner child and empowered Self comes through.  Noel, Therapist

I worked with Caroline because I have experienced her and what she stands for in going deep and in a gentle, loving way. She was a safe haven for me, and I had glorious breakthroughs. She was so attentive to how and what I needed in the moment. I didn’t want to go deep at times, but I was open to it and she was nurturing, as I experienced my younger self and was allowed, with ease, to go deep. The results for me were a depth and willingness to go deeper within me to heal the past and a sense of peace and real connection to my younger self. Keep being real, Caroline, as it allows for a deeper connection. B, Prosperity & Abundance Coach

Working with Caroline has helped me find the strength within to heal. She has become a safe place for me, and brings nothing but love, light and wisdom to the conversation, and because of that, working with her has allowed me to find the courage for the first time in my life, to confront my issues and hurt, starting from when I was just a child. Through my journey with Caroline, I have found the worth within to care enough about what I really want and deserve. I am no longer too scared to break free from the guilt of being the version of a person that other people want me to be. I can finally exhale again. Sasha, Student