Time to Fly!


Where are you going? I know it’s time,

I’m being guided from hearing the Divine,

Following my heart, so deep, so true,

To recognize things, I always knew.


Everything in my life has brought me here,

To learn about trust and release the fear,

To know that deep down inside my heart,

Now is the time for a brand new start.


It may feel to me like it can’t be done,

No… listen now, I’ve already won,

The experiences it took to get me where I am,

Did not feel good, life felt like a scam.


Know this, my love, I am stronger now,

I’ve made it through, sometimes not knowing how,

I’m on a quest to heal the trauma,

It starts with me and no more drama.


I am brave and I am strong,

And the truth is I’ve known this all along,

I’m finally listening to the guidance I’ve been given,

Time to be really brave and just start livin’.


To live this life of peace and joy,

No longer looking at it as if it’s a ploy,

That took me down a long dark road,

Where fear has caused me to forbode.


The sun, now shining, on my soul,

I’ve been given everything I need to know,

This is the time I take the chance,

To get out there and relearn to dance.


I am ready, no more strife,

Lessons that show up, create my life,

Finding the truth of who I am,

Is the most important part of the plan.


Fearful thoughts in my head, been clearing them out,

I’ve got this now, it’s come about,

I’ve gone within and found the truth,

To be me, I’m living proof.


Here we go, knowing what’s inside,

Lots of trust, no need to hide,

Getting ready to travel on,

It’s finally happening, singing my song.


Get on that star, I’m ready to ride,

This life of mine, no longer denied,

With one last look and a helpful sigh,

Get ready, now it’s time to fly!