You Are Me & I Am You


Old beliefs are being stripped away,

As I’ve been sitting alone recently for days,

What I believed about others and about me,

Stem from past teachings and I couldn’t see.

That most of what I’d been taught was purely a lie,

About who I am deep inside,

The lies when they are taught to us,

Well, we fit in, but then do not trust.

Ourselves at all, it’s like a tug of war,

What we see on the outside, just makes us abhor,

Who we truly are because we were never told,

The marriage inside is what we have and hold.

Peace and love begins inside,

Finding it there, there is no need to hide,

From all of the external insanity,

That mass consciousness is living, this cannot be.

How it really is, what is the truth?

When we realize this, there is no more abuse,

To ourselves, to others, to this planet Earth,

It is time now for a rebirth.

Recognizing who we really are,

Will transport us into the beautiful star,

We have inside that glows so bright,

Finding that truth, letting go of the fright.

The reason for fear is we don’t know who we be,

I am you and you are me,

Yet when we were born, we learned to separate,

And as we got older, individuate.

And that is ok as long as you know,

That being separate has been running the show,

The time has come to go down deep,

And no longer follow the crowd of sheep.

We are all beautiful in our own special way,

And coming to realize about myself this very day,

Is how to express myself so true,

Opening my heart and knowing you are me and I am you.