What a Day…


What a day it was,

I didn’t know my up from down because,

There is so much in the world going on,

And there are moments when the word “strong,”

Does not suit me at all,

I felt I was running into a brick wall.

I learned what I needed to know,

That watching and listening online to negativity, kept me out of the flow,

I knew about this, I guess I just wanted to be sure,

What I was engaging with made me feel obscure.

Like I lost myself and I couldn’t maintain,

I felt the world and all its pain,

I had to stop and go deep inside,

And disengage from that crazy ride.

As long as I stay there with the insanity,

I will lose my center and see the inhumanity,

Of the world as it flashes before my eyes,

I could not run; I could not hide.

Until I made that firm decision,

To shut all of it off, and get it out of my vision,

I knew the only way to get past this,

And keep myself from falling into the abyss.

The way out of it was back inside,

Where I knew now is safety and I can provide,

The love to myself that the world cannot give,

When it is in chaos and needs a sieve.

So, all can let go and find that place within,

To find our Net Worthiness and then begin,

To understand more fully about ourselves,

Instead of living in this created hell.

We have the opportunity to know our own worth,

That is a right we’ve had since our birth,

And let me tell you something that  I know,

Accepting ourselves is the way to get in the flow.

Of life as it is, in this moment so dear,

Where we can live in hope, not fear,

We can do this, I know we can,

Just trust in yourself and come take my hand.

We can do this together, we are all one,

Living heaven on earth, we have just begun.