To Begin Anew


She’s finally seeing who she’s always been,

It got lost in the shuffle and hid deep within,

She was always told to not be loud,

Or to stand out in the crowd.

She had to face that being demure,

Was all they could take, and it left her unsure,

Because she knew that deep inside,

There was a power she could not hide.

It got confusing for years on end,

No one understood her, not even her friends,

And now here in time is a deep reckoning,

The challenge… she always felt she was threatening.

To others and wanted to ensure they felt ok,

And covered who she really was, that is, until today,

She is seeing now that powerful girl,

Who is also gentle and loved to twirl…

In her favorite yellow dress, she adored to wear,

And she also did not mind leaves in her hair.

She loved to play down by the creek,

Sharing with nature her beautiful mystique,

That she had found herself to be,

You see that force of nature is also me.

Finding that my love for myself is pure,

And now I know I need not endure,

To be what others wanted me to,

I am still shifting, this is not through.

Know this about me, I can survive…

I know that my power has kept me alive,

In this journey I chose to take,

This was meant to be, it’s not a mistake.

But survive is not what I choose to do,

It’s my turn to expand and express, it’s true,

I have been searching all of my life,

For the powerful woman, the old beliefs have died.

It cannot happen to us anymore,

We as women need to implore,

Ourselves if we wish to bring life again,

To a planet and people that have been dying from men.

The patriarchy needs to be repealed,

And the teachings of society that harms is revealed,

Yet the toxic feminine must shift, now it’s time,

To heal ourselves and bring us back to sublime.

Remember this, the patriarchy,

Doesn’t just affect women, also men who want to be free,

Please understand, I am not against the male,

But freedom for life for all, on a larger scale.

Whether anyone wants to admit that it’s real,

It is a fact that the feminine does not steal,

What she does is nurture and give,

So all shall have a beautiful place to live.

To live in peace and love and joy,

It’s not the way for us to destroy,

Ourselves and the planet, the only way to deal,

With this is for each woman to heal.

Completely and now we know,

This is the time as #metoo really grows,

So everyone knows that what they were told,

About the feminine is so we all could be controlled.

The toxic masculine, toxic feminine is now done,

We all must shift if we want to be as One,

To bring peace to the Earth, it’s what we must do,

It’s time we heal ourselves and begin anew.