Time To See the Light


I am not helpless, I am STRONG!

Yet people saw me as helpless for so long,

I set myself up for that, yes I did,

When emotional needs were not met as a child, and so I hid.

The only way I survived was to be sad,

And wait for someone to help me, and I wasn’t bad,

I just wanted to be nurtured, feel loved, that I mattered,

That when it didn’t happen, my little heart was shattered.

Little children are smart as they learn to protect themselves,

From the pain of the adult world that is not their realm.

The realm of a child is open and free,

The way we as adults just want to be,

The challenge with this is the lies we were told,

About who we are, who we should be, in order to be controlled.

It built inside, for years and years,

The laughter subsided and up came the tears,

Yet we didn’t know why this happened to us,

Now our inner child is suffering and running amok.

That child inside is in deep pain,

Because they didn’t know how to maintain,

As children only see what is going on,

They don’t understand their feelings, they hide to be strong.

They think they must be that way to protect their parent,

Because they blame themselves for “being bad”, not to be society’s aberrant,

They don’t know what to do and so when they grow into an adult,

That does not know as a human, just how to cope,

We just want to be ourselves, that much is true,

And as the years go by, we find we are through.

With everything going on that we think we have no control,

That we walk away from our own very soul,

We don’t know this is happening until things get much worse,

When we are older, and we are immersed.

In a landslide of feelings, we know not what to do,

We become addicted to… name your poison… and don’t know what to pursue,

For the truth of ourselves, hidden deep down inside,

Is that we are love, but learned to hide.

From the deepest of places that beauty does reign,

We lose ourselves in society again and again,

We all go through this, it doesn’t matter who you are,

We all have pain inside and so we hurt others afar.

Some have compassion for the others we hurt,

Hurt people, hurt people, and some even assert,

That their hatred for others is not their fault,

And to be honest, it isn’t, they were just on default.

The other, my loves, has nothing to do with you,

The hate you feel inside for “them” is all that you knew,

I don’t know any way to change these things but to learn to love myself,

And to connect with Divinity and not leave them on the shelf.

The love is inside you and You are the answer,

To what you’ve been asking for, to change your master,

From ego mind which protects and runs your life,

To the truth of you that’s deep inside, it’s time to see the light.