Through the Eyes of the Hummingbird


Through the eyes of the Hummingbird, I can now see,

I am grateful to know myself, and finally meet me,

I have learned many things through the years, this is true,

To fly back into me and find myself, anew.

The years have been hard, since carrying the pain,

Of the generations and humans in the world, I could not explain,

Why I could not feel the joy that is my right,

So, one day, just being curious, I decided to take flight.

To go into places, I never thought I would be,

Desperately looking out there to find me,

Who is this person? I didn’t even know,

Going hither and yon, not really understanding where to go.

The Hummingbird took me on a journey so vast,

Going into the pain and to see the contrast,

Between the pain and the joy,

Like giving birth to my children, I could hear that voice.

Down deep inside me that said, “You need both to live.”

What does this mean? I have nothing left to give.

The pain is needed, or you wouldn’t know how,

To give and receive love and feel the joy in you now,

Well, that didn’t make sense, or what is it about that?

I’m falling quickly, please help me… stat!

Why must I go through all of this pain?

“Because look what is there when you finally regain…”

The love that is waiting on the other side of the birth,

Look at me now, flying this beautiful Earth.

I see what you mean when you say this, it’s true,

If not for the pain, life would not have this different view,

True perfection is not where there’s no more to add,

It’s where there is nothing left to take away, now I am tagged.

To go forward with this feeling down deep inside,

That had me fighting and resisting and trying to hide,

So, I wouldn’t have to feel it and guess what, I do,

Now it’s ok, and had I not, would have not learned what’s true.