The Love We Hold


Deep inside I look to find,

The love inside that’s pure Divine,

A different space from what I’ve known,

Walking through years of being shown.

The ways of the patriarchy from years before,

Has minimized women into a whore,

Oh, but she is the Mother celebrated, as well,

It’s hard to compete, living in this confusing hell.

Men have suffered too, at patriarchies’ hands,

It’s something that we don’t easily understand,

The rules and laws and meanings that be,

Buck up against the truth inside of me.

From what I know and what I’ve been told,

I’m learning I do not want to be controlled,

By societies confusing back and forth,

In this crazy space, I cannot live my true north.

I am constantly running in circles to find,

Parts of myself, I’ve left behind,

To be this way, or that way for someone else,

Throughout years of never embodying myself.

Why does society do this? I fear,

To take control of our minds, I hear,

Through lies and fear, that is how it keeps control,

Digging deep into our very soul.

So how do we break free? I just have to ask,

I am working on that and it is quite the task,

You see, we have been completely brainwashed from years gone by,

And most do not question, we don’t ask why?

When we feel one way, so deep inside,

Yet we are told something different and then try to hide,

Or fit in with the world, that does us no good,

Causing depression and anxiety because we feel misunderstood.

Get me out of here! I cannot bear,

One more moment of feeling scared,

Not only that, I feel ashamed,

Because I don’t see what they do, then I am blamed.

For the fact that I do not fit in,

Something, for years, I’ve been trying to win,

I never could and so I say,

That fitting in is not the way.

We are all different and special too,

We came to this Earth to learn something new,

About ourselves that we thought we didn’t know,

No more fear and lies to run the show.

So what’s deep inside, I want to know the truth!

It’s all about self-love, something we need to teach our youth,

All of our children, our inner ones too,

Need to know we are love, so we can start anew.

The Earth and the people get to connect in peace,

And in this way, we will release,

The fears from what we have been told,

To find the love that we all hold.