The Divine Inside


There is challenge and fear in the air,

Where do we go from here?

Everyday there is something new,

That affects our peace inside, it’s true.

How do we get through this? I’m not sure,

Everything is getting more and more obscure,

Systems are failing and no one seems to know,

How to help the less fortunate, as most are becoming so.

But do we really want to look at it in this way?

There are answers inside us, not sure yet how they will convey,

Sitting in the dark, in the void, I just allow,

The answers to come from within, there is sweat on my brow.

I don’t know how to help you, until I take care of myself,

Standing back to be gentle, and comfort, looks like I am withheld,

In my mind, I feel guilty, I cannot do a thing,

To help you, to save you, I am feeling the sting.

The only thing I knew was when I helped others through,

Their pain and anguish, I felt anew,

But only for a moment, did that even last,

The lines are fading, and the Hope I must grasp.

To know that once I stop trying to fix,

Me and others, it absolutely conflicts,

With the me that I know that I am here for,

Just to guide others to walk through the door.

To help yourself, you are your own guru,

I’m only here to guide you, who knew?

But what does that mean, “guide me?” you say,

How can you do that if you can’t find your way?

I’m sorry to inform you that the way has been found,

It’s not out there, I have gone inward bound.

Connecting with Source, with God, with Creator,

We are all one, I am the curator,

Of hearts to heal, just watch me go,

I am here for you to see how by doing me and putting on this show.

But is it really a show or a way to the Divine,

Inside of me I feel it there, getting to that place, that is the design,

It doesn’t help with what’s going on in the world,

Watching myself, as I unfurl.

I feel it’s a good thing, I know it to be true,

Although sometimes it is scary, and looking out from this view,

The good news is, there is more to be revealed,

What I didn’t know before, what I have concealed,

From myself and others, I haven’t known what to do,

I know I’m here for something big, I just haven’t a clue.

What I am learning is the biggest thing,

That I’ve learned the past couple of years, when I began to sing,

To sing my heart out, and connect with me,

Is to find the truth and love inside, that is what my purpose will be.