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After a year of deep diving into healing work and finding out about who I am and who I’ve been in my life, I share the poems I have written over this time that document the journey inside of me. Who am I really? I am Love and this is my Journey.

I was working through the grief of the new changes in my life and then on 6/17/2021, I began the walk into the depths of my journey and my soul to find out the truth about myself questioning where I would end up. After leaving my relationship/partnership and moving to Central Florida for a couple of months, which ended up being 8 months, it pushed me into the re-birthing process of the truth of who I am. Life doesn’t always work out the way we planned and in the time I was there, I confronted my darkness and what I brought to the jobs, relationships and life I had experienced. I learned in order to truly heal, I needed to grieve, forgive myself and others and find the love inside me.

In this video, I talk about going into the darkness to sit with it and wait. As I heal, I bring light in with me. The Phoenix being brought back into my life. Birth. Death. Rebirth.

The journey continues…

Content Notification: Emotional Topics For some of you, have your pet, blanket, tissues, water, or a journal nearby in case you become emotionally triggered during this media experience. My poems talk about a deep dive into my soul and into the emotional realm and I want you to be prepared in case you need to.


Sitting in the darkness… waiting,

Not knowing what comes next,

What I do know is I am recreating,

Although in this moment, a bit perplexed.


Is that my job to know?

Or is it my job to just follow the flow?


What happens when I sit?

I’ll say, I get antsy and scared,

And even with my quick wit,

I feel quite unprepared.


Is that my job to prepare?

Or is it my job to just be aware?


I focus on what to do as I wait,

I work through and process,

This is something that I tend to hate,

I don’t know what the future holds, no longer can I guess.


Is it my job to guess?

Or is it my job to express?


Walking through this time learning to just be,

Working through the muck and mire,

Feeling, sometimes I need to flee,

What is happening in this moment? I’m going into the fire.


Is it my job to go into the fire? Yes…

Because now I can fly ever higher.


Like the Phoenix flies, as it burns one more time,

Turning to ashes, as the heap on the floor,

What happens with the Phoenix, it’s committed no crime,

And it knows it’s been here many times before.


To renew, to get through, to know what it true,

The darkness within, are all lies as I see,

As I burn to the ground, I begin to witness a new view,

When I’m in this space, I begin to agree.


With surrendering completely to the flow,

To the flame of the new Phoenix, burning so bright,

It’s ok, right now, for me not to know,

The answers are here, I get to turn to the light.


The light, which is getting brighter each day,

For me to see who I am, and the direction to take,

The truth inside, still brighter and I say,

“I am in the process of becoming fully awake.”


Closer and closer to my heart I get near,

To live out my life with beauty and peace,

Things are actually becoming more clear,

The archeological dig on Self to release,

Shows me each moment, as I begin to appear.


Come join me in a healing partnership…

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