On Being Nice


You must be nice, they use to say,

The truth of me began to fall away,

When I was just a little girl,

I was taught to be nice and later this unfurled.

There was a time when my answer was “yes,”

All the time and can you guess,

What that did to me, it became a fight,

Inside of me for what was right.

It is ok, just to be nice,

Unless it puts your soul in a vice,

As little girls that’s how we were taught to be,

I can tell you this, that isn’t always me.

And it really shouldn’t be that way,

When we are nice to everyone, every day,

What about those that break our hearts,

Or treat us like we are carts.

Pushing us around each and every day,

We are stronger than that, not to let what you were told get in the way,

The shoulds have destroyed our very being,

And it’s time to look inside and begin seeing,

That it’s ok to say the word no,

Don’t worry about where that will go.

The challenge, I’ve found, is living with loss,

Like if I say no, that is the cost,

I will lose everyone that I hold dear,

But that is nothing but a fear.

That I’ve not been good enough to stand on my own,

And now there is something I’m being shown,

The showing is not out there, I find,

Because out there is where I’m left behind.

What I am seeing is something deep inside,

The truth of me, where my entire life I have had to hide,

Who am I in there? I’m finding is not so mild,

My inner beauty is something quite wild.

And in society, the powers that be,

Told me over again, they didn’t want to see,

The wild, I am, this child, indeed,

Was painfully made, to this, agreed,

With what they wanted and not who I am,

This isn’t right, it’s just a scam.

Why is it, then, I cannot just be me,

And live my beauty so others will see,

That I am who I am and no other, it’s true,

Who I’ve been as I withdrew…

Into desperately knowing there was something else,

And in fighting myself, oh, what a mess,

To this point in my life where it is time to take flight,

And show myself that I am right,

About the person that I be,

That wild woman is being set free!