My Baby Girl


My baby girl is all grown,

She’s a force of nature and has always shown,

The parts of me I was not aware,

Her wisdom is impeccable, and she always dared.

To be herself with the greatest of strength,

And has gone to great lengths,

To be the woman she is meant to be,

By being herself and being free.

She inspires me in every way,

She always has since her birth day,

After giving birth and feeling pain,

Knowing that holding her would help me maintain.

She was always about wanting others to be at peace,

She just does that with her beauty and sweets,

I have always felt her in my heart,

And loved her dearly, she’s always a part.

She’s a beautiful soul and it appears,

I have watched her grow and through the years.

I can always say “I’m so proud of you,”

“You are deep in my heart, and I love you through and through,”

My baby girl is so beautiful to me,

She’s a woman now and her heart is as vast as the sea.

She walks through life with love and joy,

And I’ll love her forever, love can never be destroyed.