Into the Void


I’ve got to go… I’ve got to go…

Into this void, it must be so,

I am scared, What is in there?

I do not know, I must prepare.

Prepare for what, I do not know,

Another chance for me to grow,

Inside my heart, inside my soul,

I must prepare, stay in control!

All of a sudden, a still small voice,

Says to me, “You cannot avoid…”

“going into the darkness, it is safe within,”

“you need not plan, you only begin.”

Surrender is the way, you see,

Faith and trust in God and me,

Time to go and it must be soon,

Into the darkness, into my cocoon.

What happens there, I disappear,

It turns me into a ball of fear,

But wait that voice keeps following,

Me as I keep hoping.

That nothing is scary or dangerous,

The fear is only on the surface,

As long as I trust and go inside,

I will be ok, I won’t have to hide.

For you see, the other thing,

Inside is a light that is glistening,

It may only just begin as a spark,

And a fire that grows, which lightens the dark.

The fire itself reminds me so well,

Of the Phoenix rising, as opposed to the hell.

I have been living inside myself,

For an eternity and could not be expelled,

From the pain and heartache, I had endured,

Only helped me to grow and now I am sure.

That the beautiful spark I now see is no longer contained,

I have found who I am and have much to gain,

From these ah-hah moments I keep on gleaning,

Now the void has so much more meaning.

As I go through this each and every day,

I sit with it and I have to say,

It’s not so scary, I am still alive,

I’m close to revealing that I have arrived!