Hear Me


Hear me, see me,

Know that I am Love,

The beauty inside is there,

There is no fear.

See me, love me,

Know that I feel,

The energy of my soul,

The deepest part of me.

This is the place I have been looking for,

When I started searching everywhere outside myself,

I found pieces of me in each one of you,

The people in my life, my children.

Especially my children,

To learn from them has been the deepest connection,

Ever to have with myself,

They knew me when they spoke, without knowing me at all.

Children, the understanding from the time they are small,

Continues to be what I listen to,

They have a depth to them that an adult cannot see sometimes,

To listen to the children is to learn about ourselves, hear them.

Even when we get frustrated with them,

We get to look at ourselves when we were their age and remember,

Remember how we felt, how we behaved and how we struggled,

To know that the first glimpse of a child is a glimpse into the depth of our very soul.

Hear me, know me,

Look deep inside me,

Find me and know that even my inner child is the same as the outer children,

That child, the one that always wanted to be cherished, loved and cared for.

That child that was so scared and didn’t know how to respond,

Oh, but she knew, she is smart,

She took care of me until I saw she needed me to take care of her,

She was the one that showed up, even in adulthood to protect me.

She was the one that knew I needed help and did it the only way she knew how, at each age,

She showed up.

That little girl, the one who used to hide in the closet when she couldn’t understand the adult world around her,

The one who continued to hide in isolation when she grew up,

Is the same girl who was just asking for help and guidance,

And especially for love.

To connect with her in love now, she becomes me, and I become her,

Hear me, see me,

Know me in that the little girl that was my mother and the little girl that was my daughter and the little girl that was me, we all just wanted to be heard and be loved.

So, please hear me and know that you are precious and cherished and beautiful.

And those little girls, all the little girls, have the opportunity to be loved and held,

Find those little girls and just love them,

Hear us, see us, know us, love us,

And hold space for us to heal.