Faith in all things, this is what we are told,

To help us and allow our life to unfold,

The challenge with faith, if we don’t trust ourselves,

Is like walking into a storm, that which compels.

us to assume the faith is out there,

In some far-off place of which many are not aware,

I feel we should know, the faith is deep inside,

And we must release the past, to find where it resides.

Today I have found the relinquishment of fear,

Holding onto generational trauma was keeping me stuck here,

It always had me looking out there,

For the things I am now finding, I can now declare.

The faith, the trust, the love surrounded by,

My Higher Self, on which I can rely.

There is also grace that sits in me,

Waiting on that chance to be free,

From the fear, hurt and trauma I’ve held for so long,

The more of which I release that helps me be strong.

To allow that darkest part of yours truly,

to know light is coming, and now I know she,

has always been in there, no need to roam,

In me she will always find a home.

Yet the biggest thing here that I have learned,

No matter what I thought or have been told, nor what I’ve yearned,

I cannot find the things I seek elsewhere,

It’s coming home to myself; it dwells in there.

There is the faith! There is the truth!

That I dismantled from my youth,

She knew not better, now she does,

The most incredible thing there is Self-Love!