Discover Your Star


Why is it that we want to control?

When it certainly does take its toll,

On our souls into the inner parts of myself,

and I am working to bring her off the shelf.

When I know my own truth,

Then I can choose,

How I work with my inner children,

The answers inside no longer hidden.

She used to go into the closet to hide,

Because she knew not that I could provide,

Reparenting her and giving her love,

Requires me to become the transfer of,

The parents that she never felt she had,

Coming home to myself, I am mom and dad.

She did not get what she deserved,

So, she created the construct of being unnerved,

What she deserved, as we all do,

Is feeling nurtured, loved and wanted too.

But if our parents did not know how,

Then we have to take that on right now,

As adults it’s our responsibility,

To take care of our needs and have accountability.

We have the power, yes we do,

No matter what we’ve been told, here is the truth,

Trust in yourself, the answers are there,

You know who you are, you just need to dare.

To connect with what is really real,

That which is inside your heart, what you feel,

Although we have been told something different,

The truth is our feelings are deliberate.

For us to move through our lives,

Especially in the moment and how deep inside,

We know who we are, we must just begin,

To start that journey out of our minds, to win.

The love we have always looked for out there,

And finding out no one really cares,

There’s a reason for that, they have their journeys too,

We need to know that life begins with you,

It’s not about them, it’s about who you are,

And discover inside that rising star.