A New Day


The next day, a new day,

Being able to walk through something until sleep time… from yesterday,

When throughout the night the deepness of sleep helps me to understand,

What next? What to do? What not to do?

Ever again,

When I get to see the mistakes I have made and the beauty I have created,

To blend them together,

To understand,

To love myself through it all,

The calling,

Where to go,

The world sees middle age as a beginning to an end,

I’m seeing it differently,

I see it as a beginning to a beginning,

A new chapter,

An adventure of sorts, or…

A real adventure,

To learn, to grow, to heal, to thrive,

To live my life as I have always wanted to live it,

Without being told the shoulds…

You should do this, you should be that,

What the shoulds got me was confusion of who I truly am,

I became the other because that was all I knew,

I was in the space of the other because that is what I do,

I see deeply into the souls of the other and with the conditioning and beliefs I have carried throughout my life about me, melded with them and lost myself,

Here I am,

Looking into a new world,

At the fork in the road,

I know that either way I go I will learn something,

I like to take the road less traveled because I do not live in the box to begin with,

I never have,

Hard to put a round peg into a square hole,

Or a square peg into a round one,

Or does it really matter,

What matters is that I come to discover my truth,

How I get to live my life,

How I can leave a legacy for my children,

Even if it is unconditional self-love,

That is what matters most,

That and then love of other,

To be love, to give love, to receive love,

A process that can only be found when there is self-love,

I choose that today,

I choose to follow through on learning and experimenting with my life,

To see the things that make life so incredibly beautiful,

Even through the pain and anguish of grief,

Grief… the doorway to love,

Forgiveness (self and others)… the pathway through the doorway to love,

Love… the end all be all to life, Source and the Universe and to each other,

It is available to us, and it is absolutely found within us,

We are like lighthouses…

Once we find the light inside ourselves,

We spread the light to the world.