Watch The Ride of My Life Podcast – S4 – Episode 2 – Discourse 1 – Agape Spiritual Center, Boca Raton, FL

After a year of deep diving into my shadow and sharing what it was like to heal from trauma, I now bring you the next portion of my journey.

My intention is to take everything I have learned and share with you more of my experiences and how I was able to find peace, self-love and to expand my life and express myself.

This time, I share my story, how I was able to heal and also give suggestions from my experience on how you can heal on your journey; Mind, Body and Soul.

It doesn’t work for everyone in the same way and you are your own physician, healing yourself. I give guidance from my own personal and professional experience.

In this episode, I am doing a Discourse, sharing my story and my experience. Talking about the difference between just dealing with something as the Still Small Voice gets louder and becomes the 2×4 that tends to hit us in the head when we don’t pay attention, to just seeing something not going right for us and making a decision in the moment to change it. Years of the 2×4 has taught me to follow the intuition and change things that need to be changed in the moment. The 2×4 can be very painful.

Come along with me to find how I continue this journey, as I am on it.

Hold on, it’s quite the ride! Come join me in a healing partnership…


Come join me in a healing partnership…

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