Nothing Ever Stays the Same


Nothing ever stays the same,

Although we’ve learned this crazy game,

Of believing that is absolutely so,

If we lived within nature we would know.

The deep truth about this statement,

Without the need for an abatement,

Most of us want to keep things as is,

When we can understand, but we won’t, what gives?

Here is an interesting feat of sorts,

Breaking free of the beliefs that we can’t support,

Anymore, if we wish to live the dream,

We hold for ourselves and with a little self-esteem.

We can bridge the gap from the old way of thinking,

No longer believing the bs and sinking.

Into the depths of our own created hell,

Instead of knowing that change breaks the spell,

That we have been living in for so long,

Trying desperately to belong.

To conform with others, we think is tough,

To stop thinking we are not good enough,

To let go of that way of being,

And look inside to a new way of seeing.

Our truth inside the darkness brings light,

When we look at the birds as they take flight,

We know deep inside, we want to be free,

Of this incessant conformity.

So let us travel down this road,

And seek the truth inside and unload,

All of the beliefs, patterns and thoughts,

That have kept us stuck because of someone else’s taunts.

Go inside, my love, find yourself there,

You will not regret, it cannot compare,

The internal realm is where we want to go,

To let go of the falsities and you will know.

As you heal your heart and connect deep within,

To your inner child who knows everything,

About you and also knows how to help you too,

If you would just listen, he or she will get you through.

To the other side of the unrelenting pain,

That we have ingested for society to maintain,

This craziness that isn’t required,

For life to live, you need not be mired.

You can learn to trust yourself and move on,

Until you finally stumble upon,

These things that you always knew to be true,

Held deep inside where no one would listen to you.

Or see who you are, the truth be told,

It is time to connect with your inner child and hold,

Him or her so deeply inside your heart,

Let join with you and make a brand-new start.