Women coming together to learn from one another, to share the wisdom of their personal journeys, and to create a safe emotional, sacred space for deeper self-exploration.  This has long been a powerful and time-honored process in many cultures and traditions – our grandmothers and their mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and friends found this with things such as Quilting Groups.  Women today have so much going on, from juggling a career, family, home, church/temple, friends, among many other things.  This can leave us with the feeling of longing for deeper connections and perhaps for creative expression as well.

Our Sacred Circle is a sacred space for us to gather, a space that is safe and respected where we can share our wisdom with each other. A space where we can build a community full of nurturing love and support, in a sometimes detached and uncaring world. A space where we can celebrate who we are, find our voice and begin to rise above all superficial gender stereotypes, and the need to look, behave or limit ourselves in our society or any one person. It is a space where we can find ourselves and connect to our souls and begin to live the full and powerful lives we were meant to live.

The Butterfly Project Sacred Circle is an offering to women, a sacred space for sharing, healing and growth through:

  • Guided relaxation and meditation
  • Creative Arts Expression (e.g. Journaling, Drumming, Dance, Painting, Yoga, Energy Work, etc)
  • Native American Talking Circles are group relational sessions where you can share experiences, strengths, and hopes with one another in a safe, supportive environment
  • Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine
  • Other interests/classes/speakers as brought in by members of the group

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