Watch S4 – Episode 9 – What is Grief… Really?

I can not even begin to tell you the time I have had over the past 10 days. It all started when I was overwhelmed on a Saturday in missing my daughter. We went through Parental Alienation and she is still working through her own healing journey from this and other things, I’m sure, and something just hit me around her.

Then came grief around my mother, who’s 4-year anniversary death date was 12/13, then my relationship with my step-mother. Next came the thought of my last relationship and the death of his ex from breast cancer and what we went through with his daughter and our relationship.

It all has been coming to the surface over these days. As I write this, I realize that tomorrow would have been my 15-year anniversary with my second husband… we divorced in 2011.

In this episode, I go through what grief really is, what we’ve been told it is, and what we were taught, not taught to do about grief and how our behaviors are habitual. I hope you get something out of this. It’s so important to grieve. Today, I feel so much lighter than a week ago and it keeps coming to the surface to be released.

If you feel stuck, then you probably have emotions that are stuck that need to be grieved. If you choose to follow the guidance of grief, a lightness will come to you to find self-love, expansion and empowerment.


In Season 4, I share my story, how I was able to heal and also give suggestions from my experience on how you can heal on your journey; Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. It doesn’t work for everyone in the same way and you are your own physician, healing yourself. I share from my own personal and professional experience.

Come along with me to find how I continue this journey, as I am on it. Hold on, it’s quite the ride!

Come join me in a healing partnership…

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