Watch S4 – Episode 6 – Talk with Michael Berger

In this episode, Michael Berger and I have a great conversation on what he does, our journeys, and how we both got started on our journeys through The REAL (Resilience. Empowerment. Acceptance. Love.) Course (formerly TLC and UYO). We talk about similar experiences with #critical and #judgmental parents who created #shame for us. #Codependency issues and #selflove was also discussed.

We have #choices in our lives and one of those is to decide whether or not we want to keep repeating the same old #patterns that no longer work for or serve us in any situation in our lives or shift our personal view and personal power to something that changes our lives.

We also talk about being #vulnerable and a #highlysensitive and using those as a superpower.

#TheREALCourse really opened the door for us to empower ourselves in our lives and I am honored to share this course with you. The course itself has gone through many iterations over many years and has had to grown and empowered itself. From UYO to TLC to REAL, it is now at a stage of being able to provide so much healing and such an amazing community for those that attend.

Listen in as we share both of our personal experiences and how we have grown and changed our lives and be sure to take a look at The REAL Courses website for more information and for contact information.

The REAL Courses

Michael Berger is a licensed psychotherapist and training consultant practicing out of Boca Raton, Florida. In addition to doing his own personal healing and development work, Michael gained invaluable clinical experiences including treating the mentally ill in community mental health settings, providing in home family counseling, maintaining a private practice, and treating countless individuals struggling with chemical as well as behavioral addictions ( i.e. codependency, sex love, and pornography). Michael enjoys utilizing experiential therapies to assist patients in meeting and healing their inner child. He assists patient experience transformational change through compassion, kindness, humor, and wisdom.

You can find out more information about Michael HERE

In Season 4, I share my story, how I was able to heal and also give suggestions from my experience on how you can heal on your journey; Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. It doesn’t work for everyone in the same way and you are your own physician, healing yourself. I share from my own personal and professional experience.

Come along with me to find how I continue this journey, as I am on it. Hold on, it’s quite the ride!

Come join me in a healing partnership…


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