Watch S4 – Episode 3 – Working on My Health – Talk with Diane & Maya – 11-2-2022 – 1 Yr Anniversary Show!

Welcome to Season 4 of The Ride of My Life Podcast/Blog One Year Anniversary Show!

After a year of deep diving into my shadow and sharing what it was like to heal from trauma, I now bring you the next portion of my journey.

My intention is to take everything I have learned and share with you more of my experiences and how I was able to find peace, self-love and to expand my life and express myself.

This time, I share my story, how I was able to heal and also give suggestions from my experience on how you can heal on your journey; Mind, Body and Soul.

It doesn’t work for everyone in the same way and you are your own physician, healing yourself. I give guidance from my own personal and professional experience.

In this episode, I am talking with Diane Ochoa and Maya Goreshnik about health and Redox Signaling Molecules which are innate in our bodies. My introduction to them came from a friend of a friend in trying to find a place to stay on my way back down to Florida while I was on my travels in the past year. My small personal experience has led me to want to add this to my healing journey. Listen in as Diane shares her story of the past couple of years and how this has helped her and Maya shares very interesting and important information about what Redox Signaling Molecules are. In addition, each week, I will post an update to share what is going on for me as my favorite thing is to be a guinea pig and share in something I believe in. It is so important to me to see where this will take us. It is something that has been researched since the 18th century Joseph Priestly and the other co-discovers of oxygen in the eighteenth century, the potential toxicity of this essential gas has been known. It wasn’t until the 1950’s, when understanding of the mechanism did not advance significantly, when Rebecca Gerschman and coworkers noted that oxygen poisoning resembled the damage from X-rays and proposed that free radicals were involved. More information is given on the NIH Site on this information. Here is the link.

If you want to find out more about Diane’s story, you can connect with her here:

Diane Ochoa Facebook Page

If you want to find out more about Maya, you can connect with her here:

Maya Goreshnik Facebook Page

If you want to find out more about Redox Signaling Molecules, you can go here, contact me below.

Come along with me to find how I continue this journey, as I am on it. Hold on, it’s quite the ride!

Come join me in a healing partnership…

Redox Signaling Molecules by ASEA

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