In the respect to Human Design, if you are a Projector, as am I, this may interest you. I am not a Human Design Reader. I have been experimenting with Human Design for less than a year, so far, so in that respect, I am still a babe in the woods. I have discovered something, however, that is very powerful.

I am a 4/6, Self-Projected Projector.

In order for Projectors to move through the experiment of our strategy and authority and work with our aura to be who we really are, since we are so different from others, we need to heal. I have been on my healing journey for over 30 years now and in discovering my design, I was able to understand a lot better who I am and  how I could best serve others, especially Projectors.

You can see on my Healing Partnership page the type of work I have done on myself and for others and was able to put together a process to guide others in healing from conditioning. I have been using these same ways on myself, even more now, after my discovery of my being a Projector.

If you are in a healing field or someone who wants to contribute to the world in some way to change things or you just want to find a path to healing, the most important way I have found is to heal self, the conditioned self. If you feel like there is this one small thing that is holding you back but you can’t put your finger on it, then I invite you to contact me after going through my website, blog/podcast, to see if you resonate and recognize that I can guide you to the empowerment you are searching for and be able to understand and experiment with your Strategy and Authority.

Thank you for being on this planet and together we can shift the world!