While I was in Florida dealing with the move of my 82 year old mother, we both felt our prayers were answered for help during an overwhelming time to list her home. It was truly answered when we interviewed Caroline. We hired her on the spot and we got to work. Within 3 days, we were able to get through every single room…Declutter, Release and for sure Simplify my mother’s life. Without her help, her loving manner by coaching my mother to let go and more importantly meeting us where we were at, with zero judgement, we would have never been able to hit the very tight timeline we were on to load up her two cats and drive her back to Indiana to be with family. She is a true blessing for anyone that needs help in this area of your life and I give her a 5 star recommendation. Thank you to Declutter Your Life with Caroline…we will be eternally grateful for YOU and your gift! A Grateful Client 

One of the simplest ways to re-set yourself is to declutter with Caroline. As a single parent, we often fall into the trap of becoming very overwhelmed w/ simple tasks to the point of just giving up. Caroline helped me to remember who I was and that opened up the space for expansion in my life. Most importantly, now that I integrated simplicity back into my household my daughter is leading by my example and also keeping her room clean and neat. Miracles abound!!! Infinite blessings and thank you Caroline! Stephanie

I just had a coaching session with Caroline and I just have to say that in this world of men not being able to receive love, the shift I had with this work shook me to my core. Until now, I didn’t know what was blocking me and more importantly why. Her insight, patience and caring allowed me to feel comfortable opening up the deepest hurt I have felt throughout my life. I’m 58 years old and I have never been able to go there until today. My habit of protecting myself has finally been broken and I feel that I can heal now. In this process, I have gone from feeling so alone to feeling connected and loving with myself and now understand what unconditional love looks and feels like. I have been really motivated to change my life, so the timing couldn’t have been better. I am grateful to Caroline for the monumental shift in my life today, she is the real deal. I absolutely recommend Caroline’s work and it will change your life in ways that you can’t even fathom right now. I had so much to lose and everything to gain and had I not surrendered to this, I would not have realized how to move forward in my life. Thank you so much! Frank P.

Just had my intro session with Caroline and was amazed at her ability to sync into the deeper meanings behind some of my answers. The energy we shared from a space of her wisdom and willingness to facilitate and mine of open exploration to truly understand where the doorway of realizing greater vision is. It is now up to me to truly answer questions that I didn’t even know needed to be asked, just to know if this is the right time for me to move forward. Once I do decide to move forward, I know she’ll be a great partner (coach) in moving through that which I need to, with wise guidance along the way. No pressures. Just deep meaningful questions to answer for myself. I highly recommend anyone that’s feeling personally blocked but is not really sure why…to give this intro a try.
Nothing to lose but my illusions. Off to consider and contemplate. Joni L.

♥ In response to your video about what to do with feelings when they come up. Thank you. This really did help me!! I tend to push down my sadness and anger and not deal with it head on. I am starting to realize now that that is what is getting me stuck!!! I took your advice from earlier and have been writing and OH MY GOD!!! The stuff that is falling out of my feels like such an emotional release!!!!!! Jenna