Welcome to Poem Talks!

After a year of deep diving into healing work and finding out about who I am and who I’ve been in my life, I share the poems I have written over this time that document the journey inside of me. Who am I really? I am Love and this is my Journey. I was working through the grief of the new changes in my life and then on 6/17/2021, I began the walk into the depths of my journey and my soul to find out the truth about myself questioning where I would end up. After leaving my relationship/partnership and moving to Central Florida for a couple of months, which ended up being 8 months, it pushed me into the re-birthing process of the truth of who I am. Life doesn’t always work out the way we plan and in the time I was there, I confronted my darkness and what I brought to the jobs, relationships and life I had experienced. I learned in order to truly heal, I needed to grieve, forgive myself and others and find the love inside me.

This must be done to find Inner Peace…

13 – Finding Myself – 8-7-2021

12 – Peace – 8-4-2021

11 – Hear Me – 7-31-2021

10 – Just Choose and See – 7-30-2021

9 – Balance – Darkness and Light – 7-27-2021

8 – Awareness- 7-25-2021

7 – The Darkness and the Light – 7-24-2021

6 – Thoughts for the Moment – 7-22-2021

5 – A New Day – 7-21-2021

4 – The Deepest Depths – 7-19-2021

3 – Waiting and Watching – 6-25-2021

2 – I’m Starting Anew – 6-19-2021

1 – Where Do I Go From Here? – 6-17-2021