To allow

To just sit and wait

To not try to push the river

To not try to control the outcome

To not take anything personally



Connecting with self

Knowing great things are just around the corner

Not getting anxious

Not running

Staying until it is time to go

Supporting self

Being supported by others

Loving self

Nurturing self

Continuing to live life, no matter what is going on

Be willing

Be courageous

Do what it takes to release what no longer serves you

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of the door

I can feel it

Close out the old chapter

Start writing the new one

Learn the truth about who you are

Be big

Know that you can do it

No matter what it takes

You are beautiful

You are amazing

You’ve got this

Break down

Break through

Break Free

Bring out who you are to the world

It all starts from inside you

Get out of the box


Don’t let your music die inside you



Be the light…