The Inner PEACE Oracle is a peek inside to what your Higher Self is speaking to you.

Our Higher Self speaks to us all the time. Sometimes we don’t know how to listen and sometimes we are afraid to listen.

I hold a space of safety, connection and love, during this reading, so you can connect to your Higher Self and see where you are in the moment; the oracle will assist you in finding direction.

These are all poems I have written myself throughout my life to reflect my journey.

You will have the option to use it by just picking a number or you can pick the title of one of my poems that resonate with you in the moment. I will then read the poem and we will see how that fits in to what is going on in your life and what steps you want to take to move forward.

It is fun and eye opening and sometimes surprising to see how on target the poem is for whom I am doing the reading.

Your Higher Self and your Soul will thank you for listening.

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