Faith, Trust & Courage


Not being raised in a family, who really understood any of these,

Faith, Trust and Courage vs always be sure to please,

The other is more important and I don’t know who made that so,

This isn’t the truth of being, it’s ourselves that we need to know.

Everyone has their opinion,

As humans we want our dominion,

Not only of the animal kingdom,

But each other and in that is no wisdom.

The wisdom comes when we let go of the past,

The ideas and thoughts that we assumed we needed to have,

We were told that others were more important than us,

To the detriment of our health and self, was that must?

It isn’t true, it’s never been,

Not feeling good enough, hating ourselves is the sin,

God never intended for it to be this way,

After all, we are created in the image of God, so let us not delay.

We cannot move forward and find the love within,

If we stay stuck in this paradigm of “at all costs, I must win,”

For winning is something that comes naturally, dear,

When we realize there are other ways to do life, without fear.

And here is what I have come to understand,

Please, take a listen, and make your own plan,

To understand self, to the deepest inside,

Where we no longer have to run and hide.

Where we can see ourselves as our Higher Power does,

We can be at peace, and enjoy the love,

We have inside, yet we must have faith,

To believe it is there and not get caught up in the wraith.

Beginning to trust in ourselves, it is so true,

You will find that your life will begin anew,

And finally, what I feel is the most important to begin,

To have the courage to go within.

It really isn’t that scary inside,

When you start to look, you may want to hide,

From what you think is in there, it can be very dark,

What is actually happening as you breathe in the spark.

The breath, you see, will bring in the light,

And then you can see what is really there, no fright,

Going inside to the depths of the truth,

Continue the journey and learning to soothe.

To find who you are is a miracle for you,

When you know that you’re greatness, you will make it through,

The glow in there gets bigger and then,

Eventually you see the love, can I get an Amen!