Grief Support

Connection with me in moving through grief, learning to carry it and to help find the love, joy, laughter and fun that life has to offer.

The past couple of years, with everything going on in the world, and changes that have occurred, more people are experiencing grief and some don’t even realize it. With so much going on, we haven’t been able to work through grief that may be there; which can show up in many ways to include anxiety, fear, anger, depression, frustration and so on.

We are not taught how to release or walk through grief in a healthy way. When we haven’t learned to release our grief, it can have a huge and lifelong negative impact on our capacity to find joy in our lives and to remain healthy. This shows up in our jobs/businesses and relationships, with others and especially ourselves. It can most certainly cause us to feel stuck and, in turn, become a life unfulfilled; like there is something missing.

Grieving isn’t necessarily about death; we grieve loss in many ways. Grief of things that could have been or things were planned for which ended. We also grieve patterns that change in our lives, and we grieve for ourselves and our inner children.

We even get to grieve from the healing work we do in order to become stronger and more centered, aware and awakened beings.

Whatever may be showing up in life, could be the result of unresolved grief that is attracting what we don’t want.

Connect with me to guide you in moving through this necessary part of being human, to find or regain the joy that life has to offer.

This is your Glimmer of Hope!