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What am I afraid of? What is that narrative? Where did I pick it up?

What is the gain I’m getting from not being seen? From playing it safe?


Using the body to do the work of healing, is the school and that is all internal. The homework is practicing in the outside world with the people in our lives and in daily life situations. It can feel scary and not feel good sometimes, however, if we choose to awaken into higher consciousness, we must do the outside work too.

Finding where and how it is being held in the body and moving the energy through the body through certain movements, depending on the feeling, thought or story that is coming up.


Discovering the truth of who you are and moving from your head to your heart through Grief Work, Inner Child, Generational Trauma, whatever is necessary in the moment.

The answer is: Taking action, and this is where the Breakthrough comes in.

Getting into action and into the thing we are most afraid of… slowly. This is done so the system (body) is not overwhelmed. Doing one tiny thing, which confirms to your system that you are safe and then moving on to the next thing. Then build upon it. This is the work and where I walk through with you.


Here is where Action is required; this is the answer.

The way the conscious mind works is that it pulls information from the subconscious, however, the only way to have things change in life is through taking action. Doing this multiple times (it is said, 21 days in a row to create a new habit), changes the synapses in our brains and creates the information that is stored in the subconscious for the conscious to pull from.

Reading/Learning are analytical pursuits that stay only on the conscious level only. Frustration happens from amassing and accumulating so much information and knowledge, and nothing in our lives change.

The reason: our behavior still stems from our old patterns (habits) which are driven by the subconscious. So we can learn all we want to; Action is what is needed to get into your subconscious and shift your external reality.

When our subconscious mind is free, it runs a beautiful life.

Break Free!

This work is how we become empowered. I have come to see personally over the last 30 years, just how powerful it is in myself and others and I invite you to recognize yourself in me and see that you too can shift.

Inner Child

Inner Child Work – Love/Connection, embrace, empathy, safety and this works with…

Your Adult/Highest Self – Through stepping in with loving boundaries, feel, think, let go with love, firmness. Accepting the younger self doesn’t know how and adult embraces what is and leads the way. Process includes moments of contentment, peace and balance until there is an integration and then empowerment shows up.

Grief Work

Unresolved grief issues can block a person’s progress in healing, and it is extremely important to learn how to grieve and have the support through the process. Connection has been shown to assist in enhancing the grief process to heal. It is ok to not be ok. Holding space through the safety of presence. When grief comes up as part of the journey, I am here to support you.

“The part of them (the other) I don’t like is the part of me I haven’t healed yet.” Unknown