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Healing Work as a Sensitive Person


What am I afraid of? What story am I telling myself?

Why am I not feeling seen or heard?

Why am I playing it safe?


In order to heal, we start with the body. It is your vehicle in life. It can’t be ignored. And… we can’t give up our body to the responsibility of someone else. They do not understand what is going on inside of us.

The body is the school and the healing is all internal. The homework is practiced in the outside world, in our lives, with relationships and daily life situations. It can feel scary or not feel good sometimes, however, if we choose to awaken into higher consciousness, we must do this work.

We find where and how it is being held in the body. We listen to the body; it has important information for us. We learn to move the energy through the body through certain movements, breathwork, whatever we need to.

And this also involves the…


To discover the truth of who you are. To move from your head into your heart through Grief Work, Inner Child Work, whatever is necessary in the moment. We learn to support ourselves. We learn to reparent ourselves.

You can get through the thing we are most afraid of… even if you don’t know what that is. You move through it slowly, so the system (body) is not overwhelmed.

You do one tiny thing, every moment, every opportunity of every day, which confirms to your system that you are safe. You build upon it.  You heal, one moment at a time.

This is the work that I walk through with you.

This is where the Breakthrough comes in.


Here is where Action is required; this is the answer.

What will you do with this information? What is your next step?

Your body/your intuition will tell you and your mind will follow.

The way the conscious mind works is that it pulls information from the subconscious. However, the only way to have things change in life is through taking action. You do this as a practice, so your inner child learns you are there for them and starts to give you the information you are needing on your journey called life.

Reading/Learning are analytical pursuits that stay only on the conscious level. Frustration happens from amassing and accumulating so much information and knowledge, while nothing in our lives change.

The reason: our behavior still stems from our old patterns (habits) which are driven by the subconscious and as a sensitive person we feel that more that most.

So we can learn all we want to; it is the Action that is needed to take care of yourself, Body and Mind and get into your subconscious to shift your external reality.

When the body and mind are free, we are free.

Break Free!

The mind, body, and spirit heal the soul, when we choose to go on that journey. As a highly sensitive person, you came to this planet already having an awareness of higher consciousness.  The choice for you is to let go of what no longer serves you, the traumas, the neglect, the misunderstanding of being a highly sensitive person in order to tap back into who you truly are and find or expand what you are doing in your life.

I invite you to recognize yourself in me and see that you too can shift and find your Freedom.

“The part of them (the other) I don’t like is the part of me I haven’t healed yet.” Unknown