We’ve been conditioned, can’t you see,

To believe things about how life should be,

A certain way, but it’s not true,

The lies we were told are not you.


In order to control a society,

They teach us things, so we agree,

With the way things are in the outside world,

That is coming apart at the seams as we swirl.


Inside our heads trying to figure out what’s happening,

As things become more and more maddening,

And until we realize that how we feel inside,

Is pushed out to the world as Mass Consciousness as we bestride.


We do not know because we’ve never been told,

That our thoughts cause our emotions to unfold,

Inside our heads and in our minds,

We can’t understand why it reminds.


Us of how things feel so unattainable,

This way of living is not sustainable,

It feels like we’re falling apart at the seams,

When what this really, actually means.

This crazy world and what’s going on,

Gives us opportunities to go inside and learn,

That healing our hearts is what to do,

From fear and lack and not good enough, too.


When we feel deeply bad about who we are,

It affects those around us near and far,

Because they feel the same way about themselves,

And our personal feelings get pushed on someone else.


And that is how the world falls apart,

As our mental health needs a fresh new start,

But we all must look inside to know,

Our inner boys and girls are running the show.


They are scared of what comes upon,

From their fear, the anger, then turns on,

And the trauma that these little inner children endured,

Comes out sideways, in the world, obscured.


Would you like to know how to change that dear?

To be able to live in hope, not fear,

The answer is simple and just requires,

A decision to be made to cancel out the liars.


The ones that always play inside our heads,

The voices of the past that cause us dread,

But now it’s time for us to see,

That those voices, once our parents or caregivers, are now just you and me.

We continue them on because we know not what to do,

We just get to make a firm decision to feel like new,

To drop the voices and learn self-care,

To find support and know that there.


Is a way out of what feels like an abyss,

Into a place of purely bliss,

So, I say, just go ahead make the choice,

And your personal world will change as you find your voice.


It is time to speak up loud and clear,

For you and others to really hear,

That it is ok for us to take responsibility,

For ourselves and a world that’s meant to be free.