Travelling through this transition in my life,

And doing better than expected… despite,

The unknowns that keep coming up on me,

There is nothing pulling me.

Which is strange because that has always been so,

Where I’ve been pulled in knowing where to go,

But now the crazy thing is this,

I’m not being pulled, but I might miss.

This incredible opportunity,

And feeling like sitting is an eternity,

For what I’ve learned on this journey now,

Is I must do this and that and get on with life, somehow.

And then I learn that isn’t what is meant to happen, to imagine,

Filling my heart with self-compassion,

That there is something more to have or do,

That’s not what is happening here, and I never knew.

It’s terribly difficult to explain,

What is going on with me as I try to maintain,

This time of sitting is important, I find,

So I can clear my cluttered mind.

I am good just learning to be,

And following my heart because it has always seen,

Much better than my head, that has led me astray,

And got me confused, each and every day.

Now I see what I must do, is sit,

And wait until the transformation cloud splits,

And shows me the way in which to go,

It will be a known and it will flow.

A little more time to just sit and wait,

Until I know for sure just which gate,

Is the one that I am meant to go through, and then,

My life begins anew, and again I ask when.