Our biggest fear is the thing we most need to face,

To change our lives and learn to embrace,

The truth about who we really are,

The answer is within, but it seems too bizarre.

I can’t face what I really know,

It will change my life and I don’t want to grow,

I’m scared and don’t know what will happen here,

I’m afraid that I might disappear.

Well, no I won’t, how can that be?

When I go inside and find the answers within me,

The truth that I find will move me in time,

To the place I’ve always wanted to climb.

Around the mountain, to the very top,

The vistas are waiting, I must not stop,

The depth of this journey, of looking within,

Is to realize that I must begin.

The truth that I find that I feared for so long,

Makes every day brighter and now I feel strong,

Because I took this chance on myself,

I choose to no longer sit upon a shelf.

Watching my life going past my view,

Sitting in fear, not wanting to pursue,

The knowing I have that being alone is ok,

And I say to you so there is no more pain.

The pain goes away once we open up,

To the truth inside as we disrupt,

The lies we were told in time as we grew,

Here is the time for us to renew.

In this moment, the only one we have,

I have been looking at all the contrasts,

And what I see is pleasing to my eye,

This moment in time is where I spread my wings and fly.