Nothing lasts forever, fighting this is vain,

Learning to let go, solves the undue pain,

When we don’t feel good enough, we tend to hold nice and tight,

Everything and everyone in our lives, and we always will lose sight.

Of what is really important in knowing who we are,

Then the relationships come behind that and become like shining stars,

For when we understand that change will always be,

We can then live our lives from a place of really feeling free.

What can happen when in ourselves we feel bad that we even exist,

We tend to hold onto things, outgrown, contorting into a twist,

It moves us into keeping things that we just have to dust,

And staying in bad relationships, because in us, we do not trust.

And the extreme of those things we keep, we hoard what we think we’ve lost,

But what I’ve found, loss is life and then realized,

I found in me the truest heart and now I have applied.

That true heart into my life, instead of being scared,

That I will lose people and the things, instead of just to declare,

Who I am and who I be, in my life so dear,

I now see that beautiful soul, and its crystal clear.

The pain in my life was because I held on and did not want to let go,

I was so afraid I would be alone, as I was so long ago,

No one stayed, I pushed away, with my fear of being left,

But I found out later, the ones that cared, came back as it was meant.

When someone leaves it does not mean, it is you that is bad,

Until I realized that about myself, I was always scared and sad,

But now I know, down deep in my heart that it will always be,

The one who stands by me every time, turned out to be me.

How’s that possible? I didn’t even like myself, that makes no sense,

No, my dear when you learn to love self, you learn to be tolerant,

You don’t push others away and you remain, inside your own heart,

And when they leave, you know for sure, they were meant to depart.

Now it’s time for us to see that we can live in this way,

In a place of sovereignty and then we can display,

The wholeness we have inside our hearts to share with the world,

Here I am! On my new path, transformation has occurred.