I saw an Eagle yesterday,

As I looked up while driving, he was coming my way,

He flew right across the windshield,

Close enough to be in his energy shield.

You see the Eagle is about flying high,

For us to connect to the Divine,

Eagle brings a message of renewed life,

As I’m changing things and taking flight.

Yes, I am taking flight, here I go,

Into new adventures, ones I do not know,

The unknown is here and I am no longer afraid,

Now with stamina and resilience, I’ve got it made.

This took a while for me to understand,

How I can be resilient in this life, while not knowing where I’ll land,

Eagle bestows courage and freedom, you see,

And learning about honesty.

To myself, I know, I must be true,

And not look to others to decide what to do,

It is time, now, to keep Eagle near,

As I move forward in my life, massive changes are here.

I am not afraid, it is something new,

For me to move forward, not needing to know the view,

As I push the limits of my self-discovery,

I know in my heart; I am flying free.

It is time now for me to spread my wings,

And not to worry about the little things,

Those things no longer matter, I can do this now,

I am stretching against my limits, it is time, I avow.