Continuing with some very profound things happening. I am learning so much about myself and what I am capable of. Coming from a space of complete fear, isolation, trauma… with everything I experienced, I find this is opening a whole new world for me.

Hear me… this is so doable AND it takes a decision AND someone to support your healing process and progress. It cannot be done alone.

Just like it takes a tribe to raise a child, it also takes a tribe to heal and raise our inner child… we need each other.

Once I stopped isolating, and although I am still somewhat in my cocoon at this point, people began to come out to the woodwork to help. Something I never thought would happen because my belief was that I was unlovable, and no one wanted to support me, which always led back to that fear of being alone.

A lot of people have that belief along with many other crappy beliefs… all untrue, every day I find that out more.

All of us have something to offer the world, no matter what it is and once we can heal and begin to recognize that in ourselves, life becomes amazing.

The first step is being heard… if there is anything you want to connect with me about, I am here. You can leave a comment, email me through my website, or reach me on messenger.

So, now for the car…

I am at the very first step. I took pictures of my car in the back for the platform and storage. There are two videos I am looking at to help along with this to see how I want to set up. This will give me the option of sleeping in my car or staying with friends. It will also give me the option to camp and explore. Not too rugged though, lol, I love the outdoors but I’m not a full out backwoods explorer. I could possibly do it at some point, but that isn’t the point of this journey.

I am finishing steps to clear out the rest of my stuff. I have things on FB Marketplace I am selling, and I am taking things to The Salvation Army and Goodwill. It’s got to go. I am down to the most minimal space I have ever been in for my life. It is so part of the path of feeing myself and my mind. Decluttering at it’s finest!

What I am looking at doing on the road starts with my own healing as I am connecting with people, and I have some other ideas that I’m looking doing at as well. I’m excited to share them with you when the time comes. They are all in my notebook right now and as I play it out, I can see what will work best for me with this.

We never know what will come next in our lives anyway. That is actually a good thing, although it produces fear in a lot of us for many reasons. The first leg of my journey, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually is to really dive in deep to heal the fear and trauma I experienced.

I am happy that you are coming along with me on The Ride of My Life!