Yesterday, I decided to do episodes on my video and audio podcasts more intermittently instead of every day. It got to be too much, as I do all the work myself to edit, post and share on social media. I am my own jack-of-all-trades and it got me into realizing I needed to slow down and take care of myself. That kind of work is probably meant for 4 people and not one, every day!

This morning I decided I will keep up with the blogs and that way I will still be able to keep a log of what to put in the videos.

Time for self-care because I know I have something here with this and I need all the energy I can muster up to do this. Honestly, I am doing this chronicling to see how this went, if and when I ever decide to look back on this journey in the future.

It’s also a legacy I wanted to leave for my kids; both in life and in healing.

And it is for you… in whatever you take from it and can use for your life as well.

I wanted to free myself, and I wanted my children to be able to witness the strength and courage I have had inside me all along.

You see, while my children saw the worst part of me, that wasn’t even me, for many years, I wanted them to see what I am truly capable of. I didn’t like that they only saw the “broken” side of me and decided that I would change this situation I had been stuck in for years, no matter what it took.

That is another why I am doing this.

I have no idea what direction it will take as it changes moment to moment. What I do know is that I feel different; stronger, more alive than ever, and also to be with any situation that life throws at me. I can’t say that it will be perfect in getting through things, what I can say is I have the tools and desire with which to get through it differently and more powerfully.

I am also in prep mode on my Outback. Getting ready to begin organizing things today and finding someone who can build me a platform on a budget. While I am a jack of many trades, woodworking is certainly not one of them. So, if you know of anyone who is willing to assist, I am open to speaking with them.

Now here are my intentions with this.

There are a lot of traumatized people out there dealing with anxiety, depression, overwhelm and many other mental “health” issues at this time.

In general, there is a feeling of stuckness I have encountered personally and in others.

I want this blog and audio/video podcast to bring out what is going on with the mental health in the world and that there are ways to break through this trauma that we have been experiencing.

I am my own guinea pig.

I could definitely use your help in funding this trip and my writing, and I am in the process of setting up different options to assist with that. With all of the work I will be doing to get this information out there, I would certainly appreciate anything you are open to give.

I am working myself into becoming…

The Travelling Transformation Coach/Writer/Podcaster and I am excited to be sharing my travels with you.

Thank you so much for your support on The Ride of My Life!