Well, I’m finding that as I am learning this new thing of living in a van, the basics of getting ready are already challenging me. Learning curves have always caused anxiety, but for something this is big? Well, you can imagine.

So, keeping my mind as “off of it” as possible, I am also continuing to work on decluttering and getting rid of pretty much everything I own. This part isn’t particularly hard for me as I have been doing that for many years. The hard part is selling online. Some posts, everything goes at once, some, all I get are crickets. That is quite a challenge in itself.

I am actually on the last part of this project besides the selling which is digitizing pictures and paperwork. That is a lot and takes a long time. Learning patience. I have pictures for both my kids, my life, my father, my mother and my grandparents. So many printed pictures from back in the day. If I don’t lose my mind from that, it will be a miracle.

Anyway, as I do that, I am also preparing to sell or trade in my leased vehicle and get the van. There is so much to consider, it’s not that simple. You really have to set things up in so many areas. The first being insurance. So that is what I am working on now. That and a physical and mailing address to use. Freedom is not so free when you realize that you have to figure these things out. It can be done; people are doing it.

I’ve been watching videos and trying to learn how to do all of this. My thing is that I need to talk to someone who is or has done this so I can talk my way through to decisions and understanding what I am doing. I get lost in my head with all of the information when I can’t talk it out.

If anyone reading this or seeing me out there talking about this has done this, please contact me, I could definitely use some guidance and be able to bounce questions.

Ok, now off to looking into selling and buying my next vehicle!

Stay in touch with me on The Ride of My Life! Thanks!