I don’t think I have anything left,

On my mind, you see, surely you jest,

Thoughts are the culprit to making us sick,

In the mind and body, this is no longer my schtick.

The mind is not meant to run my life,

What we were taught causes so much strife,

Thoughts turn life into disastrous things,

And come from what we were taught in the beginning.

They also come from the trauma we may have had,

And during an emotional flashback, it’s hard to understand,

What is happening in our minds,

We can find demons of all kinds.

The interesting thing is that those demons in there,

Are from an experience and response, with others, we do not share,

Because if we did, we think we may die,

Or something will happen where we don’t feel safe inside.

What I want you to know is that we hold the key,

To shifting those thoughts and changing how we see,

Ourselves and our lives and it’s a wonderous sight,

When we connect with the demons, we thought were our plight.

You see, what really is in there is deep, abiding love,

That’s always been, we just lost it, it was shoved,

Out of the way from the lies we were told,

And the things that caused us pain until we began to behold,

The deepest fears of feeling not good enough,

Or hated, or whatever we felt that something was wrong with us,

My love, I tell you, when you look within,

There are more than your fears of the darkness that’s been,

There is a spark of beauty and light,

Just waiting for you to start healing and take flight.

The place to go is into yourself, into your love, into your heart,

The mind will cause such terrible thoughts,

Of whom you are and then your life taunts,

You into thinking there is something wrong with you,

When, in fact, you really just never knew.

The truth about who you really are,

The beauty inside that extends by far,

Into the outreaches of this universe,

That mirror that truth and that luminance.

We have inside, and all you need to know,

Is that whatever you are thinking is only a picture show,

That has played in your mind for many a year,

And has made life rough through many tears,

By let me say that through just a choice,

You can shift that one thing that made you lose your voice.

Where you couldn’t stand up to that perpetrator,

And then later in life, the loudest voice became yours,

Yet it wasn’t the voice that is who you are,

It became the voices of many who caused the scars.

The voices that caused you to beat yourself up,

Because someone had to continue, those others just forgot,

Anything they did, the pain instilled,

They can’t remember, but you were filled,

With anger and fear and hurt and shame,

And didn’t know that as life went on, these would feel worse until you were inflamed,

With the biggest of angers that is called rage,

And when it came out on someone else and caused pain,

To them and you realized you could do that, no more,

And made the decision to close that door.

The decision to change is a hard one indeed,

But it is well worth walking away from that anger and to intercede,

For yourself, with yourself and learning to deal,

And work with your mind, instead of having it steal,

Your life away from you as if it were in charge,

Of causing all of the pain, it’s time to discharge.

Any and all of the thoughts you have held,

That have kept you in darkness and a living hell,

It is now time to know that you can make the decision,

To let go of those voices that have been causing this division.

Between you heart and your body,

The mind can play tricks until you are foggy,

If you choose to change your thoughts,

Your life will follow, but the decision comes at all costs.

Is it worth it to you to live a life…

where things are not painful and there’s no more strife?

Well, here is where you get that choice,

To help yourself and take control of your voice,

To go inside and find who is really inside,

What happened wasn’t your fault, you were only a child, that needed to hide.

It really is safe now to come out and play,

Your adult self can help those demons go away,

Because after all it’s your inner little girl or boy,

That runs your life, because they had to employ.

Tactics to help you feel safe inside and out,

But now as an adult those no longer work and it’s time to reroute,

From having that child run your life in the now,

You can shift this, my love, and I can show you how.

I have been there and healed this for the past 30 years,

From the traumas I’ve endured causing the tears,

And now I have found that when I let go,

Of those lies I was told, my child running the show.

From being silenced to know what I found,

Is empowerment beyond measure and love for myself that abounds,

It is time, my dear, you don’t have to suffer,

As suffering is actually a choice too, and I can help you uncover,

What took me so long to figure out,

Can happen for you in less time, there is no doubt,

If you make a choice and find yourself here,

Then let me know and I can guide you from fear.

You decide, when and whether,

Take a look at my work and then together,

We can get you to a place where you can take over from there,

Your life, more powerful, than you have ever imagined, won’t compare,

With what you went through, to change your life,

Is the journey to take to your delight.

There will be rough times in walking through this,

And I can tell you right now, from my experience, it is worth the bliss.