Today is the day where I get to tap into my own power and do what I need to do to fully incorporate what it means to “stand on my own two feet.”

Somewhere along the line in my life, I totally lost that ability. I was someone who could take care of myself until at one point decided that I needed to focus fully on taking care of others who were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves but chose not to.

It started when I met my first husband and continued on from there. The traumas I have already talked about set me up for that and also the C-PTSD set me up for physically and emotionally not being able to understand what was going on when I was fully in a flashback.

This is not an easy thing to circumvent and is a bear to release, but I was determined.

So today, I sit here in a huge realization and can finally respect and love myself enough to fully know that I can take care of what I need to take care of AND stand on my own two feet.

Now, I do have people who are supporting me and helping where they can, but I am back to doing this on my own and it really feels good that there is no dependence, co-dependence or desperation happening. This is really new for me.

I know that emotions can take over and make some of us feel helpless as well. We were taught that, and we used that as a protective mechanism to get through life. But that is not how this works.

There is a way out and I’m so happy that I am seeing that now and as I continue to grow, heal and regain myself as to the truth of who I am, I can guide others, in way less time, to do this too!

This is a short one, so I hope you have a great day!


Long ago lost, a really big cost

to my life I have led, feeling the dread.

It was constant for me because I could never see,

the possible threat as I went into debt.

As I write this now, I finally know how,

that the debt was fear forcing me to neglect my heart, dear.

Trusting myself and having big faith, was what I needed to learn, to move through this to claim,

that I am no longer afraid as much as I was, releasing and sitting, I knew I had to, because

I wanted my life to be amazing and sweet, my decisions to shift because I had felt incomplete.

I really no longer am feeling that way, I’ve been doing the healing for many a day,

to get to this moment so that I could find, my life expand into something divine.