I feel as if I am being tested,

As I work through old beliefs contested,

I notice I’m just moving through,

Just learning to trust is all I can do.

I have no choice but to just sit,

So, I can walk through this and not quit,

I’ve never been someone to give up,

Even when things become stuck.

I know there is gratitude that needs to come out,

Just for today, I own the fact that I will surmount,

The fear that comes what when things go awry,

I can do this, through the fear, I will get by.

Not just get by, that’s not what this is about,

I have everything I need, I am not without,

I’ve had this big lesson to learn through my life,

That trusting myself is what gets me through strife.

I have times when I do not feel safe,

This comes up to show that I can create,

What I want in this lifetime, I am not reluctant,

I know for sure all is well; the end state is exultant.

To walk through the pain, to feel and have faith,

Are things I was challenged with and now can feel safe,

The flashbacks, you see, come out here and there,

Not as often as they used to, so I can be aware.

They remind me to sit with myself and love,

In the moment, all is well, as I look above,

To see that the cloud has a silver lining,

And the sun is behind it brightly shining.

It is always there, even on a cloudy day,

And I am here to just convey,

The appearance sometimes just feels like hell,

But I know things are shifting, of that I am sure,

When in actually, in the moment, I am doing well.

It used to be easy to just obscure,

The challenges that I’ve had to endure,

Now I see, everything works out in time,

Even when things get bad, the Divine.

Is there to keep me feeling good,

And know that I am understood,

I know that faith will get me there,

To focus on what I can be, I am now aware.

At this time, I am ok,

I have made it through another day,

I am human and I do feel pain,

And I also know things will get better again.