I do not know what’s happening here,

I feel a loss and here comes a tear,

The sadness felt is deep within,

I just don’t know from whence it came.

Some days as I heal through my life, this comes,

I feel the pain for others when something becomes,

Heavier to most, they cannot bear,

And lose themselves in deep despair.

When the world begins to feel this way,

I pick it up and cry for them, it’s ok,

I know that this really isn’t mine,

It comes directly from the Divine.

I feel that I get to weep for you,

Because some aren’t able and I get to do,

This gift of compassion and love and release,

And hopefully they can then have peace.

I hold this energy and love for you,

Something most who know me never knew,

Because I feel deeply, others pain,

I had to change things in myself again.

Just to make sure I would not fall under,

The weight of the world would push me asunder,

Years ago, when this would happen with me,

I thought what was happening was insanity.

Like my demise because I couldn’t tell,

Whose emotions I was carrying, felt I was living in hell,

Yet now I know that I am meant to be,

Here to help, somehow, the world’s family.

And if it is to cry the tears,

Of the people, the ancestors, even through the years,

I have found that when I do this now,

The energy shifts in reality somehow.

I do not know, I wish I did,

And all I could think of before as I hid,

Is that if people knew what it is I do,

They would lock me up for sure or would eschew.

But that doesn’t matter anymore, you see,

This is who I am, this is me,

I know it might sound ridiculous,

What you do not know is how grieving is a must.

And if those of you who can’t cry or grieve,

There must be some sort of a reprieve,

To the pressure that happens when we do not let go,

So, I choose to take this on to release the overflow.

Doing it helps me feel better for all,

Including me, so I do not fall,

Into the trap of thinking it’s ok,

To just suffer on from day to day.

When we release, grieve and let go,

It gives us the opportunity to grow,

And that is what we are doing here,

To create a world of hope, not fear.