Over the weekend, I was full of hope,

That the ah-hah moments gave me scope,

I walked through lessons of anger and shame,

And once I was through felt peace again.

This roller coaster ride, you see,

Is the way this process is meant to be,

Feeling the highs and feeling the lows,

What ends up happening, I never know.

I walked through major amounts of pain,

Feeling stronger, thought I could maintain,

When I had completed the process, and then,

Something came up all over again.

What I am finding is so interesting,

That our lives aren’t meant to run without trusting,

That the net will always be right there,

When I jump, but wait, there’s the challenge, beware!

When the next challenge comes up, sometimes it feels,

Like what I went through wasn’t real,

And it didn’t matter and then it looks like,

I have to start all over, haha, Psyche!

Not true, I am not really starting over,

Although it feels like it when the test is so covert,

The Universe really just checks in to see,

After the lesson, I’m on a higher frequency.

Higher than the one I was just recently on,

Time for me to move forward, thereupon,

The life that I’m here for, the things I have asked,

This healing and changing is no easy task.

“Woah, wait! I’m not ready for this!”

Now, take a step back and recognize, don’t resist.

I am stronger than I think, or have chosen to be,

All this stuff I’m afraid of is not really me,

It’s the fears that others have, that caused me to hold back,

And has kept me stuck in this relentless attack.

The stress, the fear, when will the other shoe drop?

This isn’t really me and I must swap,

Who I thought I am, for years,

It wasn’t true, though it brought many tears.

The tears, however, brought me to this moment,

In which I am finding a different component,

Of the person that I really am,

Was never the thought that I was a sham.

The person that is here today,

Is so different from the one I kept at bay,

She had no clue, she was always scared,

And now releasing, and witness to bear,

My true self, which is what you will see,

At this point in my life, I am just me.

And if for some reason, someone does not like,

The me I am, and they choose to gripe,

It doesn’t matter to me anymore,

I know who I am, I now feel restored.


Come join me in a healing partnership…

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